Pixel Art: Color by Numbers Unity Complete Project

Creating modern masterpieces of digital art is simpler than ever! Enjoy the art of true color by number with Pixel Art coloring book. This color by number app will definitely make your time fly!

- Currently have over 110 pixel images and we are making more.
- Create feature: load images from mobile gallery and create pixel images
- Load pixel art from server (your own server or free hosting)
- The game run really smooth (60 fps on mobile devices)
- Zoom and pan the image
- Hold and drag for fast coloring
- Share the finished work to social network (Facebook, Twitter, Email ..).
- Video tutorials
- Vibration on error, sound and music
- Save your work to continue later
- Easy to add new image and reskin
- Numbers and colors are generated automatically (just need to add pixel images -> Done)
- Code is clean and professional
- Made with Unity 2017.3.0
- Support multiple screen-size
- Admob is integrated (banner, interstitial, rewarded video)
- Unlock some pixel images by watching rewarded ads.


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